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Association Sport Performance Centres (ASPC)

Secretariat hosted by Centre d'Alt Rendiment (CAR)
Av. Alcalde Barnils 3-5
08173 Sant Cugat del Vallès
Barcelona, SPAIN

Meet Board team

The Board of Directors is elected every two years during the Biennal event The Forum on Elite Sport.

Composed by and Executive Board with the President, the Secretary General and the Treasurer

and 5 Continental VicePresidents for America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

plus the Previous Forum Organizer, Next Forum Organizer and Secretariat.

Here you can contact with them.

Meet Commitees team

The organization runs their activity under Committees Working Groups where any member can be part of it on a voluntary basis.

Present Committees include: (Chairman)

  1. International Relations - (Ch: Dale Henwood) (Josep Escoda, Tapio Korjus)
  • Exchange
  • Global Sport Partnerships (IOC/PASO/ANOC, etc.)
  • IASI partnership
  • ASIA Relations
  1. Governance (Ch: Toby Sutclife) ( Debbie Low, Jochem  Schelens , Josep Escoda)
  • Bylaws/Rules and Regulations (Toby, Debbie, Josep)
  • Forum Bid process (Debbie)
  • Forum liaision (Jochem)
  • Membership (primarily at VP level) (Secretariat)
  • Nomination (succession) (Debbie )
  1. Marketing(Ch: Brendon Goodenough) (Jochem Schellens, Josep Escoda, Victor Dechelette) 
  • Communications-newsletter, social media (Brendon and Jochem )
  • Website (Josep )
  • Database ( Josep )
  • Research proposals ( Victor )