New Board Meeting in Melbourne in March 2006


The Board of Directors will meet in Melbourne on March 14th, at the Victoria Institute of Sport - VIS- Australia , hosted by Frank Pyke.

One day before the beginning of the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, the Board of Directors of the IAHPSTC will meet in VIS, Australia. All continents have confirmed attendance with: Jukka Lahtinen - President, Francesc de Puig - Secretary General, Liz Nichol - Treasurer, Caroline Carpentier - Europe, Patrice Milkovich - America, Tubby Reddy - South Africa, Takashi Kawahara - West Asia, Wayde Clews - East Asia, Katie Sadlier - Oceania, Jaen Pierre Tibi - IV Forum - Montreal 2005, Chi JIang - V Forum - Beijing 2007, Josep Escoda - Secretariat. Discussion topics will be around V Forum in Beijing 2007, the 2006 IAHPSTC Membership and the Strategic Plan drawn in Montreal.